The Process

Pool Construction

Concrete swimming pools can be one of the most valuable additions to your home architecture.
They can be a life-long investment, a renewable source of entertainment and the ‘ultimate leisure get-away’.
There can be no room for error. It must be built right the first time and Neopools know how to do it.

Time Line

The estimated time to complete a basic pool is approximately 3-6 weeks from the first day of construction.

1. Pool Excavation

Once your swimming pool has been approved at Council the real action begins, your pool is marked out and the excavation begins.

2. Pool Formwork

Your concrete pool can be formed into practically any shape enabling the best use of space for your backyard and the features that suit your family’s needs, keeping in mind that your pool will be an extension of your house theme.

3. Steel Reinforcing

The pool is reinforced with steel bars spaced in accordance with the Engineer’s specifications. This is elevated from the walls and floor of the excavation on the 75mm bar chairs to ensure adequate concrete cover behind the structural steel cage.

4. Concrete Shell

The end of your swimming pool construction and one of the most exciting parts of the pool construction process.

Concrete is pumped into the pool and sprayed onto the walls, shapers then cut the concrete into shape.

5. Plumbing

Once completed the shell is left to cure for a few weeks.  During the curing time the plumbing, filter and pump are installed.

6. Header & Tiles

Next comes the header (or coping), there are many choices of styles such as pavers, tiles, stone or timber decking.

7. Plastering

The next stage is the plastering (should you not be having your pool fully tiled), which is enhanced with the modern colours and strength of quartz, Glass Pebble, Beadcrete or your chosen interior. This gives your pool a smooth long lasting finish with resilience and beauty.  The plasterer will advise when to turn the water supply on to fill your pool.

8. Handover

Finally you will be advised how to operate your equipment and maintain your new pool.  Now it's time to have your first swim!