Our Products

At Neo Concrete Pools, you benefit from a personalised service to ensure you get the best out of your pool. We work alongside you to ascertain what you need and how we can assist you. More importantly, we try our utmost to bring you excellent quality products, at cost-effective rates.

We are here to make your dream a reality, which is why we offer products as well as an all-inclusive service. Our product range consists of;

  • Sanitising systems - salt, liquid chlorine, mineral, ozone, ioniser
  • Pumps - standard or variable speed
  • Filters - media or cartridge and pre-filters
  • Heating - gas, electric or solar
  • Blankets - roller, in-ground, rigid, liquid
  • Control systems - remote control, touchscreens/pads, wireless
  • Cleaners - suction, robotic, in-floor
  • Accessories - ladders, slides, stainless steel fittings, water blades, spouts, jets, s/s skimmer lids, backwash tanks, glass windows, auto water levellers, landscape design
  • Fencing - frameless, semi-frameless, steel/aluminium
  • Interior - quartz, blue glass pebble, jewels for pools such as Beadcrete, Skypebble
  • Tiles - mosaics, large format, 200 x 200mm

We offer a wide variety of products from all manufacturers, so that you have a large selection to choose from.  Contact our friendly team, we offer great advice on which products would be ideal for your pool situation.